Reach 95% of all online users by advertising on the web with our fully automated system. Your campaign will be optimised in real time by means of an algorithm, which makes objective and data-driven decisions. In doing so, it is possible to reach a wide range of campaign objectives, for e.g. sales, leads, downloads or branding and awareness. Together with our partner Media Donuts we access premium online inventories on a worldwide scale.

Real Time Bidding and Retargeting

Our system bids in real time for the banner ad space to target the most relevant user groups for your offer (real time bidding). With the aid of retargeting your one-time website visitors are targeted with a series of banner ads with your offer to induce a purchase. An additional option is dynamic retargeting, which increases awareness for products the prospective buyer is interested in.


Our systems offers a wide range of targeting opportunities, which contribute to your target group being reached more precisely and means you reach your campaign objectives:

  • Media targeting = specific sites
  • Audience targeting = specific target groups
  • Contextual targeting = specific editorial content

Optimisation / Campaign Handling

The automated optimisation of a campaign is based on the analysis of clicks or sales. Our system captures parameters such as time, geographic, contextual setting and socio-demographics and uses this data to optimise the campaign. In addition to this automation, our ad operators check the campaign every day and make any necessary manual adjustments to ensure the campaign reaches its objectives. This combination guarantees an optimal campaign management.

Facebook and Twitter Exchange

Integrate your campaign in the Facebook and Twitter exchange and target new buyers in the social networks with your advertising message. We offer both side ads and ads in the newsfeed.

Rich Media

Rich media complements standard formats with additional video, audio and other forms of animation. Rich media banners attract more user attention and generate more response. Numerous optimisation options are available, e.g. site, audience, geographic or time. This is an ideal solution for branding and awareness campaigns.

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