Beacons are small transmitters, whose signal can be received by mobile devices and therefore beacons are the perfect link between retail stores and mobile marketing. Beacons increase store traffic and generate both more purchases and higher sales. Your customers encounter a unique interactive shopping experience.

Technical Aspects

A beacon is a mouse-sized bluetooth low energy senor, which intermittently sends signals to all popular mobile devices. Beacons are installed easily and inconspicuously in a retail store’s entrance. The installation does not require manual pairing. It simply requires the retailer’s app to be installed and an active bluetooth connection.


There are numerous possible applications, e.g. push messages bring traffic into the stores. Stores can also offer coupons and product information (fully personalised and individualised upon request), which positively influence the purchase to buy. Additional applications include contactless payment and indoor navigation. Consumers benefit from not only an interactive shopping experience but also a simplified payment solution.

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