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Display Advertising

Reach your optimal target group online with a perfectly controlled banner campaign to generate downloads, leads, sales etc.

Media Bookings

Benefit from our years of experience and our top contacts to publishers, mail order companies, retailers and agencies for your direct marketing activities. Our media plan covers the best channels to reach your target group.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing reaches your target group 24/7 via their mobile devices.

Marketing Co-operations

We identify the right partners to develop joint business opportunities. Our network includes attractive partners in a wide range of sectors and target groups for both effective cross media campaigns and regular swap / barter deals.


Increase your retail store traffic and communicate with your customers via your app.

Portfolio Management

We exclusively manage your insert programme within our existing portfolio and generate additional income to offset your own marketing spend. We also have a wealth of expertise in promoting advertising space in printed magazines.

Social Media

Use social media to increase word-of-mouth and viral effects, and benefit from a wider reach for your campaign.

Data Capture

We will transform print based customer data into electronic records, regardless of whether it’s from CRM or new customer acquisition activities. You can rely on us to digitalise the required information with very short lead times.


SEO: Optimise your website with us and it will land in the top rankings of unpaid search. We will improve the numbers of visitors and customers, and of course your sales figures. SEA: Book effective ads in search engines to reach users looking for your products and services. We help to win new customers and reach your corporate goals.


Benefit from our perfect choice of targeted media for standalone newsletters and generate higher response rates for your offer.


Revolutionalise your customer journey insights with our tracking tool and use this data to optimise your campaigns.


Dialog Welt is a cross-media agency based in Mühlacker focusing on direct marketing and digital marketing. It was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of Melter, one of Europe’s leading marketing service providers of personalised direct mail.

We work successfully across the globe in the fields of marketing co-operations, media bookings, online marketing and portfolio management. We also provide our clients with effective and efficient targeting via a wide range of other services for both their existing customer base and new customer acquisition. We use our network of mail order companies, publishers, FMCG manufacturers and agencies to develop tailor-made solutions for our clients.

In 2012 Dialog Welt became a sales partner for Media Donuts bvba, Belgium. As a so-called „automated trading agency“ we execute display campaigns, including performance-based retargeting, which are optimised right from the start in real time. We improve every campaign by combining state-of-the-art system-driven optimisation with our daily expert-based hands-on approach.


Customer Journey: Are you interested in detailed information about where you customers come from? Or perhaps which impact each advertising activity has on the purchasing decision? Our new customer journey tool provides this solution for print ads, TV, email newsletters and online banners.

Take a look at this presentation for more information.

Beacons: Would you like to increase traffic in your retail stores? Our beacon technology will help you to reach potential clients in the locality via their mobile devices.

Take a look at this presentation for more information.



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